In-school choreography program

                In-school Choreography Program

Aim:  to promote dance in our schools, by assisting teachers with choreography and dance dynamics and planning thereby increasing the competency and confidence levels of teachers involved.

Target group:   interested teachers who wish to further develop their skills and ideas in the areas of dance choreography and presentation.

Applications: applications for inclusion in the program may be made by completing the form below, and submitting it through the web-site.

This is an in-school program, where schools may have a mentor (Dept of Ed teacher from our committee) visit their school and assist with the development of their dance/s in any or all of the following areas:

1. getting started with a dance (theme, music, ideas)

2. choreography assistance (movement ideas and dance design)

3. tying it all together (assistance with filling in gaps in choreography; costume suggestions etc to finish off a dance)   - extra sessions for this to be made available in term 3.

cost of relief for teachers will be covered by Blue Mountains/Nepean dance festival.

Mentor sessions may be with teacher only or with teacher and students (ie your dance group).

Sessions may be spread over time (eg 1 per week/fornight). Other 'call in' times of a shorter duration (on a regular or one-off basis ) may be made by arrangement with mentor.

for further information contact us via dance festival email.


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