Frequently Asked Questions

Qu: My school name is not appearing in the drop-down menu to fill in one of the forms. What should I do?

Ans: Firstly check that you have filled in the previous forms. They need to be completed and sent in the correct order for your school name to be in the next menu.                The order of the forms is as they appear on the menu:(school registration / audition application / dance details / copyright / rehearsal & performance preferences)                   If that isn't the problem, contact us via our email.

Ans: Log out and then log back in. Your school name should then appear in the next menu. The system may sometimes 'time out' before it accepts the information.


Qu:  Do I have to number all boxes when making preferences for rehearsal and performance dates?

Ans: Yes, but you can use the same numeral more than once. for example, if your group is available for a few dates, number them all with 1. If you are not available on a certain date (due to school camp etc) then number that date with 99.                                      You cannot enter letters - only numerals.


Qu: If I am using a small section of music from a song that may have some questionable lyrics but I am not using unsuitable section - or I am using instrumental version, how can I show this on the forms?

Ans: Fill in form with details and put an asterix beside the music name. Then send us an email with the lyrics and highlight the section you are using.  NB: songs with unsuitable lyrics often have connotations which make the song unsuitable to use at all. It is advisable if there is any question to choose a different song.

If you are using instrumental version you can write that on the copyright & dance details forms.


Qu: If I am unsure about any costuming  or choreography I wish to use, how can I check if it will be accepted?

Ans: If you are unsure or need assistance with anything you can email the committee and we can assist. You can send us links and pictures also.