Term 1

Week 8



Note these dates on your calendar/diary. We will send reminders.

Notification of 2022 Festival emailed to all schools in Penrith and Blue Mountains Districts plus invited schools.

Monday 14th March Website open for School Registration and Audition Application forms.

You must register your school first then log in to access other forms.

Week 11

Wednesday 5th April   

Closing day for  School Registration form, Audition Application form and Acceptance of Handbook and Guidelines.

Please note: Late applications cannot be accepted. Check your school calendar, principal and staff to ensure you are able to audition on the dates and times you nominate as we cannot accept changes once the audition schedule has been done.

Term 2


Week 3

Friday 13th May Audition Notification from the committee sent to coordinators.

Dance Details,  Copyright  and Rehearsal and Performance Days preferences forms open.

Please note: these forms must be filled in and submitted in this order.

Week 6

Friday 3rd June  Dance Details, Copyright and Rehearsal and Performance Preferences forms close.

Please note: Dances will not be considered for audition if these forms have not been correctly and completely submitted by the due date.

Week 7

Friday 10th June  Final day for video audition submissions.


Week 8


Tuesday 14th June,   Wednesday 15th June,  Thursday 16th June, 

Friday 17th June 

Week 9

Monday 20th June,  Tuesday 21st June, Wednesday 22nd June

Term 3



Week 2

Monday 25th July

Rehearsal and Performance dates notification sent to school contacts.

Week 4

Friday 12th August

Final day for RSVP for principal's complimentary ticket. 

Week 6  

Monday 22nd August online

Ticket sales commence 9am and are available online or by phone on Monday andTuesday.                               Commencing Wednesday 24th. online, by phone and in person

Week 6

Thursday 25th August

WH&S Meeting Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre 4pm


Week 7

Monday 29th August 

Tuesday 30th August

Wednesday 31st August

Thursday 1st September

  commencing 9.30am


Week 8

Monday 5th September

Matinee, and Twilight  Performances


Tuesday 6th September

Matinee, Twilight and Evening Performances


Wednesday 7th September

Matinee, Twilght and Evening Performances


Thursday 8th September

Matinee, Twilight and Evening Performances